On Wednesday, January 12, bitcoin gained 2.75%. In the American session, the price rose to $44322. The active phase of growth occurred in the American session. The dollar index collapsed after the publication of the inflation report in the States for December.

The published US CPI consumer price inflation figures exceeded forecasts, reflecting the highest price growth in the country since 1982. The report did not support the dollar, as market participants put the first rate hike in March into the prices. The decline in the yield of treasuries negatively affected the dollar as a protective asset. Despite the high inflation values, the market preferred to resort to the “buy on rumors, sell on facts” strategy.

Bitcoin has risen in price following the major currencies and stock indices.

On Tuesday, the dollar index fell to a new low of 94.69 points, while futures for the SP500 index show sideways dynamics. Buyers have tested the resistance of $43,800, and are now trying to break through to the level of $45,500.

On Thursday, January 13, the external background for the cryptocurrency market remains neutral. The technical picture on the hourly TF is still on the buyers’ side. They need to be given a little activity and the price will move to $45,500 within 2-3 hours. Time is short, we need to act. There are no large sales at the current level. Support has shifted to $42850 per bitcoin.